May 2016

Serano asparagus and eggs hollandaise

Venison lentils
Tigers and monkfish

Monkfish couscous fines herbes

Smoking herbs


Venison and Blackberries last year !


Say no more !
Cheese and charcuterie for Sunday lunch!!
This mornings Chorizo .
Confit goose legs make a great cassoulet with homemade Toulouse style sausage,  pork , beans , goose , carrot and onion a few smoked bacon lardons and some garden herbs.
 Dentdale organic goose .
Just roasted and delicious .


All the best for thew new year folks and here we are back again after a looong break and hoping to add to and keep this blog rolling along now .
Lots of food eaten and places visited to see and great artisan foods to try !

Heres a magret of duck to enjoy , Duck ham as it is sometimes called , a week in maldon salt to remove some liquid and stabilise the meat and then spice and air dry for a few weeks .
Slice it wafer thin with figs or apricot slices .


Beer duty reduction

Well , I would have been quick to comment if the ill conceived beer duty escalator had been deployed So-Well done George Osborn on reducing  , even if only by a penny the suicidal tax levies that are threatening our national drink ,( the fine traditionally brewed beers ales and ciders that is for those who think I mean tea or fizzy lager)
 Keep it up George and give the breweries and drinkers a break, here's to you!!!


Big pork pie

Big pork pie by rustumlongpig
Big pork pie, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

This was a Christmas present for my cousin.
When they returned from the pub that night this lasted five minutes!

Leg of Duck confit

Leg of Duck confit by rustumlongpig
Leg of Duck confit, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

Magic mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms. by rustumlongpig
Magic mushrooms., a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

White crab , mussel and brown shrimp on blinis

Sticky toffee pudding

Sticky toffee pudding by rustumlongpig
Sticky toffee pudding, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

I paired this with a pony of draught Guiness which worked a real treat--try it .

Cold Goose ballotine

Cold Goose ballotine by rustumlongpig
Cold Goose ballotine, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

The goose process got a bit disjointed but here is the cold version with the foi gras visible. I wanted a little truffle in there but alas at the time no truffle available.


chicken parfait

chicken parfait by rustumlongpig
chicken parfait, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

Heres the Monro chicken parfait. As I said---nearly as good as mine!

Chinese New Year - Duck

Here's one from a favourit waterhole The Monro in Duke St Liverpool.
I had their chicken liver parfait yesterday and its almost as good as mine.


Potted brisket & cornichon

Rillettes of salt beef and onion with sea salt and coarse peppers served with a slice of toasted baton and English mustard.
Horseradish créme fraich for spreading on your toasty.

Goose rolled and filled with the macerated legmeat

The braised red cabbage bed contained red onion and cranberry jelly, the jus was a concentrate of roast bone juices and port. the cinnamon apple was a bramley.
If I would alter anything perhaps I would be a little less cavalier with the sage. Sage can overpower the subtle flavors present here.

I have no beef with this!!

The big supermarkets are , at long last , declaring an interest in British Meats instead of combing the planet for the cheapest and as it turns out , dubious products.
Now while this is to be applauded , they needed the Horsey scandal to push them into it or we would be still getting "Various animals" minced into our foodstuffs.
The second caveat is the example of the strangulation of our dairy industry which has decimated our milking stock and threatened cheese production throughout the land  , Beef producers beware!
We already see security tags on the humblest cuts of beef and recently I saw a ticket on a lamb chop reading "This joint , £1.89." Strange days indeed!!
I feel that the inclusion of gelatin in products is one way that horse  (and other) DNA could be identified in goods from jelly's to pork pies as gelatin has , traditionally be made by rendering hoof bone and cartilaginous matter , a bit like a highly concentrated stock , to produce the sheets or powders we have been happily using without difficulty for years.
 I  render pigs trotters to make the jelly for my pork pies in the time honoured tradition.


In foil

In foil by rustumlongpig
In foil, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.
Rolled in foil needing two hours at 160C and 30 min unwrapped to crisp up the skin! The bones were browned and a stock was produced and rendered with a slug of port to add a little sweetness.

Back in the skin

Back in the skin by rustumlongpig
Back in the skin, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

Rolled ballotine

Ballotine filling

Ballotine filling by rustumlongpig
Ballotine filling, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

Back into the skin to be rolled tightly.

This is the meat

This is the meat by rustumlongpig
This is the meat, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

Here,s the meats for the ballotine 20 gm bacon 250gm duck liver 60 gm breadcrumbs , pepper , a caramelised large onion , 50 gm butter and the goose leg meat and trim coarsely processed. and a little garlic with a tsp chopped sage. A slug of brandy wont hurt either. Add diced breast meat and 100gm foi gras.

Goose boned out

Goose boned out by rustumlongpig
Goose boned out, a photo by rustumlongpig on Flickr.

Micro surgery removes the bones